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We were excited to share a look ahead at our innovative new Planning by Design platform at SummerCon. Now LLamasoft customers are asking themselves one big question: Do I already do Planning by Design? And if not, how can I start today? 
In case you missed it, check out the article by Supply Chain Digest’s Dan Gilmore on what customers learned about Planning by Design at SummerCon. Planning by Design is the practice of using LLamasoft’s advanced optimization and analytics engines to enable traditional design-type decisions in a fast-moving planning environment. Many LLamasoft customers already do Planning by Design using Supply Chain Guru and Data Guru to deliver monthly and weekly solutions for production plans, routes, and safety stock targets, among many others. LLamasoft’s (Fall 2017 release) is the technology that will take Planning by Design to the next level by allowing customers to build custom apps as point solutions on top of your current design and planning processes to save time, money, and expedite complex decision-making. The goal is to empower your supply chain experts to make better decisions, faster, and to deliver collaborative results into the hands of parties all across your supply chain. You can watch a quick demo of that new technology in this short keynote. Look for your next regional meeting to attend an exclusive Planning by Design workshop, to get your hands on this new technology and create your first Planning by Design App!

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